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What Is Window Replacement and How Does It Work?

Little Rock Window Replacement

GoSouth Little Rock Windows Solutions is a one-stop-shop for all your window needs. We’ve all heard window replacement terms thrown around here and there aimlessly, but what exactly is a window replacement?

Window replacement is merely replacing an old window. It could be you have a broken window, or maybe your home is a little older, and your windows are worn and don’t work as they used to when they were new.

Sometimes, window replacements can be called retrofitted windows or insert replacements. The idea is that these windows are designed to fit an existing window hole without removing any parts of the walls or exterior. The design is to help remove old windows and place a new window in its place by being less invasive. This window design will ensure a quicker window replacement without the hassle of restructuring your home.

 A perk to choosing replacement windows is that it’s easy on your budget. Replacement windows can save money versus the expensive cost of new construction windows or customized windows.

Little Rock Home Window ReplacementThere are two types of replacement windows: the z-bar and the block frame.

Z-bars are also called flush fin. These windows go best for certain types of masonry and stucco type housing. The sizeable exterior flange on these windows tries to cover the existing frame of the original window, which may otherwise be difficult in these style homes.

Block frames go best on houses with siding or brick. Often, these windows are wood or are used to replace the original wood framing of the previous window.

Understand that when a window needs replacement, precision is the key. Windows are often built differently and may require additional steps in replacing under challenging circumstances. Sometimes, indoor sashes may request complete removal to ensure your window fits appropriately.

GoSouth knows what to watch for from broken window jambs to structural damage that amateur professionals may miss. We ensure the safety of the frame structure of your window. GoSouth’s professions know what is needed to accommodate your new window and its placement. We do not move forward with our install unless the window fits just precisely right and snuggly to ensure a quality seal.

Sometimes it is necessary to add additional insulation to the gaps around the window frame and the studs. By adding this extra layering, our professionals inspect for any holes or spaces that could cost the homeowner money on really hot or cold days.

GoSouth always checks for rot, mildew, and molds around your windows that are being replaced to ensure a quality home. If one of our professionals thinks the safety of your home must replace any of that framing, we will let you know immediately. We know that it’s more than a home, and you, our customer, expect quality work and a safe home to live in every day.

GoSouth, Little Rock Window Company, offers professional window replacements at affordable pricing. Speak to one of GoSouth’s professionals today and let us take care of keeping your family and home safe from the harsh elements!



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